#Bettr2018 Resolution

It’s that time of year again, when South Africa’s New Year Resolutions flood our social feeds. In January, we all hit refresh and set our personal goals for the 12 months that lie ahead. But, let’s face it, New Year’s resolutions are seldom stuck to. …

n August we asked our community to help build the bank that they want to use. Here are the Bettr Alpha ver 0.1 results. Join us by signing up to https://bettr.finance today, and help us create a better, more transparent and trustworthy financial future for tomorrow.

The Bettr Banking Community Infographic South Africa

Coding The Aloha Bettr Banking App

Bettr is currently in Alpha mode. It’s just a techie way to say ‘the beginning’. We’ve already been around for 2 years, building proprietary technology infrastructure and integrating with banking networks.

We’re now getting started on building our customer platform which includes our IOS and Android mobile banking apps, designing…


Bettr is a digital banking app launching soon🔥 We do everything a bank can do and we let you invest in yourself😎 Join the new culture of money today🤑

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